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KMailPrint is a free app for Outlook allowing you to print your emails producing clean .pdf files. You want to keep a copy of your meaningful emails or share them in your organization? KMailPrint transforms your emails into real working document by converting them into pdf. Then, you can share these documents on your network or keep track of your important discussions so that they will be easily accessible later on.

  • Save your emails even if you are not using your own computer. KMailPrint works whether your are using Desktop Outlook or the webmail Outlook Web Access.
  • Find easily your emails with our custom title generation feature.
  • Choose where do you want to keep the emails archive. Each printed email can be saved in a different folder.
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Keluro Web Analytics

Keluro Web Analytics

Keluro Web Analytics is a simple yet powerful app for Office allowing you to use all the benefits from Microsoft Excel® to analyse your websites' Google Analytics® data.

It gives you the power to understand precisely your customers' behaviour during their visits on your websites. Consequently, you will be able to improve your digital communication, to convince a wider audience and to target a more specific group of people.

You just need to connect to your Google Analytics®account, select the data you would like to study, and Keluro Web Analytics will import all the data you need into your Excel spreadsheet.

  • Import Google Analytics® data into Microsoft Excel®spreadsheets
  • Choose the data you want to analyze
  • Choose the period during which you want to analyze your website's traffic

Keluro is part of Microsoft BizSpark program Keluro is member of Microsoft Partner Network
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