Keluro - KMailAssistant: Collaborative Email Management Solution

KMailAssistant: Collaborative Email Management Solution


Effortless collaboration with emails in Outlook

Save & share emails

Save and share quickly critical emails to project document location as .doc or .pdf files.

No more meaningful information lost in employee mailboxes!

Email delegation

Assign email to yourself or your collaborators and follow easily the completion status.

No more useless forwards or CCs to follow mail status with colleagues!

Shared email templates

Create and edit shared mail templates. All employees in your organisation will use up-to-date corporate templates.

Extended privacy

The backend services of KMailAssistant does not access email contents.

KMailAssistant web services technology is based on anonymous identifiers.


KMailAssistant features give employees a productivity boost and reduce the number of emails within the company. No need for CCs or Reply's to follow an enquiry status. No need to check if an email has already been shared to the document database. Everything is accessible at a glance.

People get involved in ongoing projects and sometimes collaborators leave company. Do not let important email get lost in personal collaborators mailboxes, emails are kept by the company in its document database system.

All file sharing service supported: Windows Network Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive... Also compatible with Office 365.

KMailAssistant has been designed with the following motto in mind: do not force users to change the way they manage their mailbox. Then, one can keep working with his mailbox as he was used to.

Outgoing mails have as much value as incoming ones. That is why KMailAssistant handles also your responses and your attachements to save and shared them as well.

KMailAssistant can be deployed easily to all computers in your organization (SCCM). We host the backend services but there is also the possibility for our customer to host these services in their own servers. Contact us for further details.


Free trial

Download KMailAssistant and try it with one user for free.

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Introduction video

This video introduces you to the basic usage of KMailAssistant. If you have question with the product usage, visit our help center

KMailAssistant PDF Brochure

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150€ ex. tax.
/year /user

Yearly user licence

  • Save & share in all formats (.pdf, .doc, .msg, .txt)
  • Email delegation systems
  • Shared mail templates
  • Unlimited numbers of projects, users and user groups
  • Specific corporate deployments [on quote]
Requirements: Windows 7 or later with Outlook 2013 or later
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