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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you can find the most commonly asked questions. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have further questions!


When will the beta testing period of Keluro end?

We are currently working on implementing more features and fixing bugs, for which your feedback as a beta user will be essential. Once we are certain we can confidently meet your needs, we will inform you about the end of the beta period with enough time in advance so you have enough time to react.

What limitations will there be in the free version of Keluro after the beta period?

There might be limitations on the maximum number of channels and/or users per organization. We will, however, inform you well in advance about any changes made to the product so you have enough time to react.

If I use the free Keluro beta to collaborate on emails with my team but don’t want to upgrade to the paid plan after beta testing, will my data be lost?

No. There will always be a free version of Keluro with a significant number of users and channels per organization. Should you be over this limit after the beta period, you will be able to move data or remove users safely without losing any information.

Office 365

I don’t know if I am using Office 365. How can I find out?

You can find out by directly checking on our main page or by contacting your IT administrator.

Our company is not subscribed to Office 365. Can I still use Keluro?

It depends. Keluro (beta) is currently available to all Office 365 users. If your company is using a different licensing and hosting model, ask your IT manager to reach out to us at to discuss tailored solutions for your needs.

I want to install Keluro on my professional computer. Do I need admin rights?

No. Keluro is a web-based application distributed via the official Microsoft Office Store, and as such no administrator rights are required.


Is my data safe with Keluro?

Yes. Your data is securely hosted within Microsoft Azure severs, which complies with the highest international and industry-specific online security standards.

Does Keluro share my emails with any third party to capitalize on my user data and potentially confidential information?

No. Keluro will never make any data accessible to any third or unauthorized party.

Further development

Are there plans to connect Keluro with other collaboration software in the future?

We are currently working on implementing more features and fixing bugs, for which your feedback as a beta user will be essential. However, in the future, interfaces with other software are possible.


For suggestions regarding additional features or reporting bugs, please send us an email!

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